Charity – The Fluffball Foundation

An avid animal activist, Emmanuelle works to support various organizations focused on animal rescue and wellbeing across the United States and Canada through various fund raising efforts.

In 2009, Emmanuelle established her own charity event called ‘The Fluffball’ at her home, where she raised $6,000 in one afternoon. Since then, the event has grown to become an exclusive, invite‐only event that has supported various animal‐rescue organizations across the country.

In the first three years, the event raised funds for the Utah‐based organization Best Friends Animal Society, which launched a successful No Kill LA (NKLA) campaign in Los Angeles. Emmanuelle's dream and vision didn't stop at hosting a great event, but wanting to take The Fluffball event further by creating a way to raise awareness and funds of many deserving animal organizations across the US, which is why she created The Fluffball Foundation ™.

Emmanuelle on ET Canada - Speaking about horse jumping and Fluffball, April 2012

Emmanuelle on ET Canada - Visiting Best Friends Animal Society, June 2011